Veterans in New Enterprises

VINE is an organization that helps veterans in business.

We assist in developing the concept, branding, and marketing. This includes all artwork, website, print collateral and social media marketing. We also produce all video for the organization.

Print Collateral

Print Collateral

VINE homepage

VINE homepage

VINE Video

A short introduction to VINE.

Executive director Ron Ausburn talks about the qualities veterans possess that can benefit them in business.

Ron talks about what a consultant specifically does.
Ron talks about what a small business advisor does.

Ron describes what a small business coach is.

Executive Director Ron Ausburn gives an overview of the Vine workshop: Building a successful Business.

Ron describes what small business workshops are.

Executive Director of Vine, Ron Ausburn talks about what is covered in the Vine workshop about the best form of business for you to set up.

Our mission is to create quality media that will entertain, encourage, and educate in order to positively inspire our culture.

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