Pastor Michael Hayward

These are some short videos we did early on for our friend Pastor Michael Hayward. Senior Pastor of Faith Community Church in Cotati California.


Intersect is a short biblically based 12 part video series about Church membership.

Welcome to Mt. Gilead's STAR Commission Summer Camp, Jr. High week 1, June 24-29. Our speaker will be Pastor Michael Hayward of Faith Community Church in Rohnert Park
In the spirit of "Twas the Night Before Christmas," this is a fun little telling of the Christmas story that we hope will become a timeless tradition for you and your family.

A short talk about Community.

A short talk about the importance of Legacy.

We can spend so much energy and effort running down different paths hoping to find God. There is only one path, and it may not be at all what you think. Visit for more information

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